Our Story

But the journey to Raw Paw's creation goes beyond just a
love for animals. David's own health struggles played a significant role in the
development of this company. Six years ago, David was faced with severe heart
issues, which forced him to make drastic changes to his diet. Through years of
research and experimentation, he was able to reverse his disease and improve
his overall health.

As David experienced the transformation in his own health,
he realized that his beloved dogs could also benefit from a more natural, raw
diet. And so, he started incorporating his own dietary regimen into their
meals, starting them on a diet of pure, raw meats. The results were astounding,
and Raw Paw was born out of a desire to share this life-changing experience
with other pet owners.

Raw Paw isn't just a business, it's a mission to promote
health and wellness for pets and their owners alike. By prioritizing natural,
nutrient-dense ingredients, Raw Paw is revolutionizing the way we think about
pet nutrition. David and Erica's commitment to their dogs and their own health
is an inspiration to us all, and their passion for helping others is evident in
every aspect of Raw Paw's products and services.

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